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The tigers have been released!

Leopard Ramshorn.I have a cute little pink one in there somewhere too!

I have two extremely dark females in there as well, but they said they were too tired from the move for pictures today. I'll if I can coax them out tomorrow for a couple pictures.

Right now, they are moving around, picking about and exploring things. The wood is familiar, but most of the plants are new, and they are checking things out from the safety of the shadows.

I'm hoping they will come around and start breeding better for me in this set up. I've had them since July '10, and I did get some babies out of them, but then lost them right before we moved. Ever since they've just been berrying and dropping. I'm starting to wonder if the 68-70 degrees they've been chilling at just wasn't warm enough for the eggs to develop all the way before the female had to molt. I only had babies when the temp was 72-74.

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