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Still waiting on eggs to hatch, no luck yet.

Other updates are I ordered a zoomed 501 canister filter that should be here next week. I plan on running it with this HOB I have on the tank right now for atleast a month or two to make sure its properly seeded but may keep it indefinitely just for added filtration, we'll see.

Also got some Tonina Fluviatilis in here and more on the way! I think i'm definitely going to go for a south american theme here and remove the bacopa at least, if not the rotala as well, the limno so far is looking okay and considering it took a month to grow, I'm gonna leave it for now lol.

And finally, I'm having a bit of an issue with the lighting for this tank. I'm using a 15w(most wattage the stock hood will take and only 6500k bulb i could find) compact flourescent, one of the twist kind, and the light distribution is just horrible. It looks to be high light on the far right side of the tank, and low light on the far left side, the plants are growing that way anyways(rotala on the left grows straight up, rotala on the right bends to the floor) and thats how the light even looks to the eye.
I'm not sure what to do about it, the tank is 16"L x 8"W x 10"H.
I've seen 12" T5NO's at walmart that I thought about using with a makeshift reflector but not sure on the amount of light that would put off at 10" from the substrate, I don't want to have high light, looking for mediumish. I've also looked at the big clip on lights and desk lamps but i'm not sure having the bulb vertical like that(in terms of the socket orientation) and then pointing it at the tank will still cover the whole tank adequetly like i'm looking for..

Any suggestions or thoughts?
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