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Captivate's 5.5g BTOE tank

I finally got around to redoing this tank. I took about five minutes on the first time, with only anubias and java ferns poorly placed in. Even I didn't didn't want to take a picture of it. One of the anubias must have thought the end was near, because it was sending up flowers. The tigers didn't fare very well in the tank. I didn't lose any, but they would keep berrying and dropping, despite whatever I tried.

SO! I redid a few things. My sister kept forgetting to get me a Christmas gift, so she took me out to my LFS and told me to pick something out that I wanted that didn't cost too much. I chose a 2kg bag of Fluval Shrimp Stratum substrate, since I was hearing good stuff on it. It would probably grow plants better than the 1/4" of black sand I had in there before.

I have to wait until tomorrow to put the shrimp back in their tank. The water is only 58 degrees! Burr!! The water I'm using now is being sent through my Brita filter, which changes the parameters to what I want them to be.

So here's the specs:

Tank: 5.5g
Light: 10w CFL (subject to possible upgrade), placed horizontally
Filter: Tom Rapids Mini Canister (yes, and I love it)
CO2: Half dose of Excel (I <3 medical syringes)
Ferts: Ultra light doses of dry ferts weekly (or more, depending on the plants)

gH: 4
kH: 0
Ammo: 0
Nitrite: 0

-Blyxa japaconica
-Ludwigia repens "narrow"
-Rotala rotundifolia
-Java Fern
-Java Fern "narrow leaf"
-Anubias barteri "nana petite"

-Orange Eye Blue Tiger Shrimp
-Ramshorns and MTS

First FTS

Trying out the new substrate. Why not?

A petite that's seen better days

Yay, biofilm. I figure it'd show up, it's a weekly occurrence in the 29g.

I hope the tigers like this set up better than their last one. I need to figure out how to use what I have on hand, because running to the store for RO water is going to be about impossible in another 4-6 weeks when baby gets here.

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