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Not a whole lot has changed. Some of the plants are melting and new leaves are growing. Also the mini-cycle concluded and took a rasbora with it. The other 11 seem to be healthy. They are all very active and eating well.

So I'm now in the process of moving the 17 rasboras in the 20 long to the 40. The 20 long is basically filled front to back with jungle val. So it's a challenge to net the fish. I'll just catch a few every day and slowly build up the school in the 40. The goal is to have a school of 29 or so harlequins. Then onto the dwarf chain loaches or corydoras... still not sure which one, and whether or not I should add a dwarf gourami or similar fish.

Also I'm thinking about going pressurized and adding a single bulb T5NO fixture for better light distribution. Or I could just raise the current light. Not too satisfied with the lighting at the moment.
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