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So here's the story. I really enjoy white clouds, and was quite fond of the fish that I had been keeping. Unfortunately, I decided today to pull the white clouds from the tank. For the setup that I am trying to create, I want an active yet peaceful fish. And the white clouds (which are incredibly beautiful under good lighting) were making the environment too chaotic. I thought, as I wrote before, that they had calmed after I slowed the current down in the tank, but I was very mistaken. I had 3 males (one of them being an extremely dominate male in the tank) with 3 females. From lights on till lights off, the dominate male was bullish. I think the mini m is just too small for white clouds. If I had more space, I think the breeding aggression would have been diluted. So I made an executive decision and removed them and went on a journey to Pacific Aquarium on Delancey and made a trade.

But before I jump to what I purchased, I found this great .pdf file that provides wonderful information regarding the burkert solenoid valve and the technical principles of their valves. I stumbled upon it after researching the temperature that the burkert solenoid valves operate at. I touched the metal nut on top of the valve today and found that it was incredibly hot. But after further research, did I come to understand that they operate under a high temperature during use. Wanted to post that link just in case anyone out there is using a similar solenoid. May as well understand what you are purchasing.

So....back to the white clouds. I returned them to pacific aquarium, which is the one lfs that I have come to trust and one that treats their livestock well here in nyc. In a trade exchange, I picked up 4 neon tetras (for my fluval edge cherry shrimp farm). I had called around to different stores trying to find ember tetras, as I really liked the way that they looked. But my hunt came up empty as not one store in my vicinity had them in stock. Regardless, I was determined to pick up some fish today for the m. I had been considering celestial pearl danios, and found some at Pacific, and was a couple of heartbeats away from purchasing them. But took a couple careful walks around the tanks and observed the tetras and rasboras et al and watched how they behaved and tried to imagine them in my tank and the aquascape that I have created. And then I came across a tank labeled "Chilli Rasboras 'rare'"
<quick note, this boraras brigittae photo is not from my tank.>

- which were a tank full of lovely boraras brigittae that were going for $6.98 for 3. Regardless of the price, I really enjoyed watching the shoal and the handful that were really pushing into the current in the tank. So I picked up 12 of them (and got one free by accident...which balances the purchase out because I noticed a short while ago that one of them was missing an eyeball). I noticed two spots of ich on one of them so am expecting an outbreak that I can only keep my finger crossed to avoid because I did not quarantine them. Brought them home and added the rasboras to the mini and yahtzee, a lovely lovely fit. They mesh extremely well with the scape I have created. I also pulled out a large female cherry shrimp from my edge breeding tank and added her to the setup. The cherry shrimp are bigger than the boraras brigittae. Awesome. The otocinclus now looks out of place, but a wonderful inhabitant nonetheless. I decreased the current even more in the tank to a nice gentle flow. Now I will have to see how the balance of co2 I have been maintaing is affected by the reduction of water flow. I snapped a few photos of the tank to keep up with this journal/thread. Definitely still battling diatoms on the HC as you can see, but new growth is really pushing through and a lot of the roots are close to the powersand which makes me a happy planted aquarist.

Here's a photo of the tank with just two cherry shrimp and an otocinclus.

this shot is from a little farther away. I'm fortunate that Ikea makes such great stands and containers (and meatballs)

the boraras brigittae getting acclimated in a deli cup.

Here they are in the tank. It's nice to see the otocinclus cleaning the diffuser in this shot. Now I need to find a way to get him to clean the diatoms off of the lily pipes. The otocinclus is such a great fish for a nano like this. I was moments away from accidentally gassing him with too much co2 when I first added him to the tank. I'm very glad that I did not. Looking forward to the diatoms clearing and snapping a photo of a tight school of the brigittae.

as always, thanks to all who have been following this thread.

best, el g
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