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@gBOYsc2: yeah sure
the UG took almost a year to fill out---it would have been sooner but i neglected it at times and that caused a massive reduction in biomass. it took a while for sections of the tank to get up and running again.

2.5 gallons
12" x 7" x 8"
rapid mini canister filter

lighting: 36 W (10000K/6700K) 8 hrs

Utricularia graminifolia,
Mini Pelia
Anubias nana 'petite'
Rotala macrandra japan red

Boraras brigittae (x10)
Celestial danios (x3)
Corydoras pygmaeus (x10)
Blue bee shrimp ---they kinda disappeared, find them from time to time, but secretive
Olive nerites....

Iron: 1.5 mL every other day (give or take)
i should be more diligent with my fert routine....
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