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BIG update here too ^^

I removed all the moss save for a bit on the right side(i forgot :P) due to most of it being completely covered in BBA since that was basically the only plants i had in here and no co2. :/ I moved it all to my QT tank and have been dosing daily h2o2+excel+light blackout(there's no fauna in there) to get rid of it, so far so good and no melting of the moss. I may eventually move it back in here once i can get something to attach it to as I haven't had any aglae issues since I fully planted the tank.

I removed all the pygmy chain sword in here, and added a bunch of S. Repens, 1 limno aromatica stem, some bacopa m, and some rotala rotundifolia stems in place of that and the moss.

I had this glass co2 diffuser in my 29gallon before it broke on me while i was cleaning it, go figure for a cheap ~$5 glass diffuser off [Ebay Link Removed] So I heated up the end of an airline hose and stuck on what was left of it, then superglued to be sure and attached to another .5l bottle of diy co2. Thats working very nicely right now and i'm liking it, the plants especially are too.

Also got rid of the 5-15g HOB filter in favor of a TopFin 20 HOB. I took out all the filter media from the smaller one, cut out the activated carbon from the built in floss unit and stuck em in the topfin 20. And since I noticed there was a bunch of open space behind the filter floss, and I wanted to run an airstone somewhere in the tank without fear of degassing my co2, I decided to stick a white mist airstone from petsmart in the bottom of the back of the filter, and then add biomax on top of it, basically a mini moving bed filter that is *highly* oxygenated. So far it's working great

New things in the shrimp world, my berried CRS still hasn't given birth yet, i'm anxiously waiting that as I know it's coming soon lol. And as of 2 days ago, one of my cherries is fully berried as well! And there's another 3-4 females fully saddled, so looking forward to that. Got some mineral rock from nikki and it's definitely helped with their colors and for sure molting. Haven't had any else go on with the tanks, all is and has been well so far. Made the switch to pure RO water and yeah, no issues


Berried CRS!

Left side close up

Right side close up

Comments always welcome!
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