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Originally Posted by Gunplameister View Post
looks great, i like the idea of the big piece in the back corner with plants on top. i have a edge also and it took 5 months of shifting things around and trying to find things that will it in the hole.

btw what add on lights did you use?

Thanks. I've been looking at plants trying to decide what I could attach to the top of that large rock...I'm definitely leaning towards that approach. Finding stuff that will fit in the hole is an issue for sure. I was initially going to scape with driftwood, but every interesting piece I found would've been a pain to get in...let alone get out without destroying the scape if the time came to clean it off after everything was established.

The lights are the MR11 LED bulbs that I think a lot of people ended up finding on They're the cool white version, as opposed to the warm white option that's also available. I also added a 10W coralife 50/50 tied to the standard assembly just like quite a few other people were able to do with this tank.I had a standard lamp socket with some wiring, so I basically just taped it up and siliconed everything up to prevent condensation from getting inside. With the LEDs and the coralife though, there really isn't much condensation to worry about at all anyway.

The moonlight is a submersible 4" LED strip that I found on ebay . was advertised as 4" with 4 LEDs, the one that showed up had 6 LEDs...but doesn't look much larger than 4"...perhaps just a newer version of the one that was pictured. But, in any case, it's completely waterproof, and has a pretty narrow beam at 90 degrees. It's the perfect size to fit right under the outflow lip of the filter though, it squeezes nicely between the lip and the glass; one end is tucked up against the intake tube, the other end is sitting nicely right on top of my heater, with the heater cord holding it nicely against the glass as well. I angled it so that it points right at that acrylic lip on the top of the tank, so it's able to get the the (coke can DIY) reflectors on the inside of the hood. Worked out perfectly...really no "mounting" of that LED, it's just sitting there and hasn't budged since I placed it. Since it floats, you only have to worry about it moving side to side, which was easy to address with the equipment in the back of the tank
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