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Here are the pics of the rock post-fragmentation.

I'm really liking the 2 smaller pieces; I ended up with a nice peak as well as a little plateau that I may attach the anubias to (it's currently attached to a piece of quartz that blends with the substrate).

As for that larger piece...I'm trying to decide if I should leave it as is, or take another shot at it with the hammer...I can't really figure out anyplace to break it that would produce an interesting fragment. Cracking it laterally is not an option because of the composition.

I'm thinking I may leave that larger one as is, and bury that quartz base in the substrate to create a nice pillar. There's plenty of room on top if I decide to plant something on top of that as well. I'm thinking I can place it to one side and towards the rear of the tank...planting on top of may help create some depth in this tiny tank if I get some smaller stuff in the foreground just in front of it.

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