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My dad tortured me the other day with baklava. Curse him, that stuff is just too good!

Every fall, my family made a point of making doughnuts. We cheated; bought the Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits; you know, those things you peel the paper off them and then smack them on the counter until they pop open. I guess you're supposed to use a spoon to open them, but violently hitting them on the counter is much more fun. Make a ring out them, dump them in the deep fryer, take them out, shake them in cinnamon sugar and viola! Autumn doughnuts.

I'm a sucker for deep fried things. I love that wonderful crispy-ness that you only get from dunking something in boiling 400 degree fat. It's about the worse thing ever for you, but... it tastes good! Never had it tasted better for me than when we went to a wedding in Georgia, where they were serving home-made dishes at the reception. Deep fried cheesy jalapenos? I'm not sure how much punch I had to go through to keep my sensitive mouth from catching fire, but those things were GOOD!

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