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Cool Jahmic's planted nano 2.0 {Fluval Edge} - (3/29/11 fauna update w/ pics)

Here comes the learning curve

I know I've said it before, but seriously, thanks to everyone for the wealth of info on this site. I've always been into tanks, had them since as far back as I can remember as a kid. Over the last 7.5 years though, I've been moving around so much that I never picked up one after finishing college.

I had browsed a lfs a couple times, and about 2 weeks ago went in and came across a fluval edge. I had no idea what the tank was really about, but it seemed like a nice design and it was at a decent price, so I brought it home.

I started the cycle, then started wondering if I could do something a little bit more than just some gravel and fake plants with a couple fish in this little I hopped on google...then I found this site

Decided to take the dive and attempt to sustain my first planted tank. I spend a ton of time in the yard gardening in the warmer months, so it seemed like a natural progression to bring some of that landscaping / gardening indoors into an aquatic setting. So I read, read, and read some more on this site and plenty others, then started picking up a few random plants, just to see what I ended up liking and what I would be able to grow in this tank without killing it.

Current Equipment

- (2) MR11 10w LEDs
- (2) 27W fluorescent CFL desk lamps (~16 inches from substrate)
* Desk lamps added to offset the poor light distribution in the tank due to the hood. Removed the 10w Coralife CFL from under the hood since it only exaggerated the focused light intensity in the center of the tank.

- AquaClear 20...came with the tank

Pressurized CO2
- 20oz tank
- TPT member ASA/valve setup
- Ebay drop checker
- UpAqua glass diffuser/counter
- Brass inline check valve
- 24/7 at ~ 1bps

What's in the Tank?


- Cryptocoryne wendtii
- Anubias nana
- Taiwan Moss
- Blyxa japonica
- Ludwigia repens
- Rotala rotundifolia
- An experimental bit of pellia attached to a rock
- Random small floating plant that I can't ID...


- 5 Danio erythromicron
- 2 Dario dario
- 3 Amano shrimp
- Red Cherry Shrimp colony
- 2 Nerite snails


- Flourite

Here's a photo of the initial setup, taken 1/29/11:

First rescape, 2/5/11:

Major (and hopefully final) Rescape 2/25/11 :

Added frogbit, survived the Ich treatment. 3/24/11

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