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Thank you for all of the nice comments. I'm still battling diatoms, the otocinclus is doing a wonderful job removing it from the glass. It is mainly on the HC now and a little on the rocks. My pipes are starting to get a little dirty (as if they were going to stay crystal clear forever). Added the white clouds yesterday. Really pretty swimming in the current. They are a lovely fish. The dominate males get aggressive during feeding, but calm dow a couple hours afterwards. They spend a lot of time low in the water, I imagine looking for a good spot to lay eggs as they are substrate spawners (as I've just read). Lost my amano shrimp yesterday morning. he had climbed out of the tank (even with the glass top on) and found one of my cats batting it around the apartment.

lasutaku, cpds sound like an awesome addition. My bonehead move today was not adding teflon tape to the brass fittings for the regulator. Realized I had a serious leak near the solenoid (applied a little soap and water to check for bubbles) and low and behold, definite leaks. My gauge read that the tank was almost empty. Part of me didn't want to believe it, but it was true. Need to go get a refill on Monday. Purchased yellow gas line ptfe thread seal tape and redid the connections. Taa Daa!! no leaks. also flipped the burkert solenoid as suggested. Now I need to take a trip out to awisco gas and welding supply in Maspeth on monday to get a refill. Once I get a chance, I'll see if I can get some pics up with the white clouds doing their thing. best, el g

Here's the tape that I bought:

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