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It was a really fun class and I think I have a new addiction now!!

Check out or something. Just google it and you'll find it. You can get on thier email list. I'm teaching a paludarium/vivarium class on the 19th of this month and he does one or two classes now every couple months just on aquatics marine and fresh so far. Well the vivariums will be on dart frogs.

Yeah, the little tank is coming along.
Here it is today

It's a desktop tank from petco. Maybe 8gal. I run a 501turtle filter on it. It has a 65w CF light. It has just black silica pebbles as substrate and planted with riccia.

Filter. I wanted to use the overflow box to house the intake tube but it wouldn't refill fast enough and the filter kept suckin air. So since it was glued on I left it be thinking I might use it later and just ran the intake tube down the side. Kinda messes up the clean look I was going for but oh well. I'll give myself some margin for this being kind of a starter tank.

Here's the riccia. It's embedded with another plant tangled through it. I don't know what and can't see it but was told it's what Amano uses to get riccia to mat and I believe it is also carnivorus????

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