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DIY LED for 90cm/36 inch 48 gallon tank -FINISHED! Pics/PAR levels on page 2

Ok, I've been reading all the LED threads while at work and it's time to poop or get off the pot.

I have to replace the 3 bulbs on my 3x39w t5ho fixture soon and with the bulbs costing me about 25 a piece, I figure I might as well go LED and get it over with.

My tank dimensions are 90cm x 45cm x45cm or 36x18x18 inches. Light will be mounted however high it'll have to be to give me 70-75 micromols PAR rating.

I've always tinkered with computers, but never built anything of this magnitude before.

What I've ordered:
30 7000k Steve's LEDs. Half the price of Crees. (I only plan to use 28, but 2 are just in case of mess ups)

2 Mean Well LPC-60-1050 drivers

Power cords, thermal adhesive and hanging kits.

Total spent so far: 181.28

Still need: heat sink.

I was about to buy a 30x7.2 inch heat sink from heatsink usa but shipping was ridiculous! I'm going to try to find a local computer store to get one. Otherwise I'll get some aluminum and attach fans to it.

I'm going off this post
as far as par goes. He got about 110ish PAR at the substrate from his fixture with 48 LEDs, so I'm hoping with less LEDs I can get to my goal of about 75 umols

I realize this will still put me at pretty high light, but I will lift the fixture and hopefully this will 1. reduce the PAR, and 2. help the light spread out better.

Our local club has a PAR meter that I can use so I'll provide solid numbers once I finish.

Here is the proposed wire up. It's not to scale or anything, but it gives you a general idea. 2 "arrays" on the side, and a big "array" in the middle.

Any help and what not would be great!

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