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Originally Posted by Eden Marel View Post
Wow Rabbits!! Do you know your element? For example I am a Metal Horse, it is fun to read the horoscope to see what this year's Metal Rabbit will bring to the other animals and the elements.

Good luck and have fun with showing the rabbits!! I bet they are very cute
I guess I'm a Fire Rabbit, 1987.

I'll post a couple pictures of my rabbits. I love my babies, I want to brag about them a little . My rabbitry name is Silver Sky, so any animal's name beginning with a "Sky's" are rabbits I bred. Both my mom and I breed Jersey Wooly rabbits, which are dwarf rabbit that have a maximum show weight of 3.5lbs (although I do have a couple brood does that are larger than that).

Caudill's Bonita, a doe I bought. Spent a good chunk of money on her, but she's worth every penny. The color is Broken Black Otter.

Sky's Ren (at eight weeks old), Bonita's grandson. He's not a baby anymore, but he was a super cute one! He's done great for me on the table. The color is Broken Chestnut.

A couple babies from last year. These guys are four weeks old in the picture, their wool hasn't developed at this point. The color for both is Chestnut (solid).

This picture is to give you an idea of their size at four weeks. This little guy is my moms. If you look on her screen, she's downloading more pictures of him on her FaceBook The color is Pointed White.

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