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Originally Posted by Captivate05 View Post
I'm a Rabbit, and my second daughter will be a Rabbit as well!

The people in my other hobby are going bonkers, btw. Tons of fun when you show rabbits in the Year of the Rabbit
Wow Rabbits!! Do you know your element? For example I am a Metal Horse, it is fun to read the horoscope to see what this year's Metal Rabbit will bring to the other animals and the elements.

Good luck and have fun with showing the rabbits!! I bet they are very cute

2011 horoscope for Horse of metal element
The most important thing is that in 2011 year of the white rabbit, you will not only lose, but gain even more confidence. It is this incomparable state, when you think you can do anything, that will be a key driver that leading you to success in 2011. Moreover, if your heart is free, then in 2011 you have a good chance to encounter an ideal partner on your way.
2011 Horse Horoscope In Metal Rabbit Year
For the Horse to have a smooth flowing Year of the Rabbit in 2011, the Chinese astrology forecasts that the Horse must be ready to embrace change and be ready to adjust to new procedures and learn to adapt their skills and also undertake the necessary training. By becoming flexible and persistent, the Horse will secure the opportunity that they have been seeking. 2011 is also a good period for those with the Horse zodiac sign to gain new skills and experience. Horse can look forward to an increase in their income due to their progress at the office but on the other hand, they must pay more attention to their expenditures.

According to the 2011 Horse horoscope in the metal rabbit year, the Metal Horse who are born in 1930 and 1990 will see many important openings that can open up for them in the rabbit year and thus improving their 2011 outlook. Metal Horse who are in education will see the rabbit year as a very significant period. Not all of the Metal Horse plans will go smoothly but there will be many important opportunities opening up for them. The career star will shine brightly for the Metal Horse in 2011 because once they demonstrate their skills, there will be many promotion possibilities. On the financial side for the Metal Horse, they will face some big expenses in the Year of the Rabbit. The love and romance area for the Metal Horse may also face some obstacles in 2011.
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