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Originally Posted by Amaster39
Thanks for the reply,
No I have a normal 55 Gal. 48 inch tank, So 48 inch bulbs would fit ok?
Sorry to sound so green here I am in the learning stages and enjoying it LOL
Ken, it seems you eaither have not read this thread fully (17 PAGES !!!) or you feel very intimidated. I would suggest taking the time to read this thread thouroughly as it answers most questions you might have including equipment and where to get it.
To give you a general idea for a 55 gallon, 3xT12 2XODNO each will give you approximately 180W of light give or take a few (I just finished this exact setup today). That's the ballpark you want to be in. You can even stick 2xT8 4XODNO each for an even bigger punch (as far as I understand it after reading this thread.

The setup I did in my 55G is running on 2 balasts. One is a 4 bulb T8 balast (F32T8) which I am using to drive 2 T12 40W bulbs (works like a charm). I got this balast from a local electric supply distributor. The 3rd buld is overdriven with a 2 bulb T12 balast.

Again study this thread and everything will start making sense.

To All, thanks for the great info in this thread.

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