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I agree with you Loligo. They do some things that don't make much sense to me, but overall, it is by far the best LFS near me. I really wish they carried the Eheim line of canisters, as well as some other aspects of equipment that are typical among our types, but I suppose you can't have everything you want.

I am hoping to talk to them when I get the chance to get back up in Cleveland about setting up a high tech planted tank. I've casually mentioned it with a couple of the managers, and they seem open to it. No one there has incredible knowledge about high tech tanks there, so I would help out and come in and do maintaince for a while with a couple of employees/ a manager. Then eventually, they could do the maintaince themselves.

I really like the idea because a nice aquascaped tank would raise their plant sales in all likelihood, which would increase the quality of the plants that they are able to carry, which would in turn likely plant sales. You get the picture from here. Besides, who doesn't want their LFS to have a really cool planted tank?
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