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Originally Posted by trackhazard View Post
This is a reference to Orbital vs PFO. Created lots of bad blood. Basically Orbital Technologies obtained a patent for using LEDs as light on aquariums and sued PFO, creators of the Solaris LED fixture for copyright infringement. PFO eventually went bankrupt and the case was dismissed. Orbitec continues to hold the patent afaik and likely all LED applications will need licensing from them although there are some loopholes in the patent.

With this said, there are still a number of commercially available LED fixtures on the market. Eco Lams, Ecoxotic, Elos, Vertex, TMC Aquaray and Aqua Illumination all have LED fixtures. Cree, the company that makes LEDs, has just released an aquarium fixture as well. The issue is that most, if not all of these fixtures are really designed for marine applications and most marine guys are used to paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for their lights. Most planted guys I know still cling to T-5s because they can get the color spectrums they want and the lower initial costs.

I am still excited about the future of LED and if Catalina can make a no frills LED that works at a decent price, then more power to them!

Yes, I think this is a good overall history thus far.
The thing with Catalina, is the guy is nice, approachable, we can help them out and also ourselves, which makes it a win-win for both.

Being local to me, I can go over and detail specifically what I want. Catalina can then make it and then market it on line for TPT folks or the planted folks in general.

Tom Barr
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