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Originally Posted by dissident
The leaves seem a lot more fragile too, and tend to grow to the surface rather then stay close to the bottom, even with 4.2 w/gal...
Here is the thing with a Lotus plant... once you let one leaf hit the water surface, which btw Im also guilty as charged with my first one's, they will continually grow stems fast and straight up to the surface!! No stoppin it.
Dont ask me why but this is very common. It seems to put the plants into a different growing mode.
I have grown lotus's on 3 different occasions (greens and reds) and all were grown in a 3+ watt lighted tanks and only once did I have this growth pattern occur and it was the first time when I thought how nice it looked with the "lily pad" effect.
This type of growth will never stop once 1 leaf hits the surface. You must keep them pruned for a bushy , low growing effect.
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