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Catalina aquarium LED's

I stopped in today at Catalina aquarium here locally. He had some nice 3w CREE lights and nice color temps, 6500K. These where done up nice in a hood. While sold on hoods where you can hide DIY stuff, these have a much nicer appeal for the open top lighting I like and desire for aesthetics.

The place is filled with products.
The owner is very straight forward and pleasant, nice guy.
I've offered to stop by and lend them the PAR meter I have.
He offered to donate some products to the local SAPS club.
Maybe he'll give a small talk for the club later as well, we will see.

See how being nice helps?
Most of you think I'm a big meany
Well, gotta keep that impression up.

Anyways, I noticed the small all LED hood and got talking.
My estimation for a 24" hood is about right, around 50 micromoles for 20 x 3 w LED's and a nice spread and color.

So on a 60 Cube, I've been able to drop the light to 1 w/gal using these and with penty of light to spare. I could easily grow the tank with 14 x 3 w, giving me a 0.7W/gal ratio. Not bad eh? Anyway, they can likely be done fairly easily DIY, but aesthetics matter a lot to my exposed light fixtures, so I might opt to have it custom made.

Still someone who makes a nice looking hood for LED's would be ideal........ and it would cut the energy use of my T5 lights down by 1/2, from 96 to 42 watts. Small local maker also has a certain appeal and the willingness to help a local club out scores really big points in my book.

Two green thumbs up. I'll be doing some light data from some of these hoods hopefully in the coming weeks.

Tom Barr
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