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Originally Posted by kevmo911 View Post
It sounds like a neat idea to have one available. However, I'd be very worried about the wear and tear of the thing being shipped around the country, and it would be hard for me to trust that everybody would be gentle in its use and generous with packing insulation. I'm very tempted, and might be persuaded, but at the moment I'm doubtful it would last long
Hence the shipping BOTH WAYS. That way it will get returned to me each time for review. Im sure nobody wants the fame and fortune as being the guy who broke the meter. I also expect a descent iTrader rating so I know you have some knowledge of proper shipping procedures. I feel most everyone who is intelligent enough to use/need one will be smart enough to respect that its not theirs, but borrowed. As for wear and tear, eh, things dont last forever. Its bound to happen. Planted tank clubs do this all the time and I thought it would be nice for some folks to try it out if youre not near a club, group, or just plain dont have access to one. Plus the information in one collective thread about fixtures and bulbs and their readings as well as the plants being grown could prove priceless.
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