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Thanks for the heads up on the dechlorinator. Someone else mentioned that earlier, and I took a look at my bottle and sure enough: "Not intended for use with fish intended for human consumption." I did some cursory research and hadn't come up with any suitable options so I appreciate the tip.

As for useful resources. Heres a good overview of different aquaponics set ups, and several design options. Most of the examples I've seen so far of home fish tanks use the Flood & Drain method with a grow bed placed just above the tank. Seems successful, but it would really limit access to the fish tank, and I don't find it very aesthetically pleasing. So I think I'll do something more like the Windowfarms which uses an airlift pump to deliver water to the top of a column of bottles. Water then drips down through the bottles filled with grow media and nurtures the plants.

Just trying to figure out the best way to incorporate this system with my tank. The airlift pump could be good, but I feel like it would add a lot of tubes and clutter to my tank. I suppose a water pump could work...

If anyone else has bright ideas on how to lift freshly filtered water 4-5ft. up to the top of the column please chime in.

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