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Originally Posted by Cuchulainn View Post
Constant velocity joint is my guess as well. I suggest taking it to two different garages, have them test drive it with you in the vehicle with them. If it is a cv boot, they'll both tell you that right away. A good mechanic has an ear so to speak for these things.
Okay I will ask if they would like me to drive them around so they can hear the noise for themselves!

Originally Posted by nalu86 View Post
Maybe gear broken in the gear box, explains the sound when you go over 35mph, second, check your belts! maybe your ac pump or alternator came loose...?

Oil was low in car, no red light came on?... for a 2003 car almost impossible,(or if the red light does not work, but you should have seen this when you put the key in the contact!) same for low in cooling fluid, your temp gauge should have told u that the car was overheating!!

If you would have a more ticking sound, its possible that your valves are bent from overheating when you were low in oil and cooling Fluid.

bring ur car in for maintainance asap!! go to a cheap one , they will know!

Also ask for alignment of your wheels, the one they put the sensors on the car, comp will tell how much the wheels are off of the scale (cost between $20 and $100)
The lights do come up very short when you turn on the car, so yes the lights do work but I guess it wasn't low enough for the light to alert me.

Originally Posted by Dave-H View Post
Yea people in Colorado are crazy for Subaru's. When we move here, an incredibly amount of people insisted that we get a Subaru and were crazy for considering anything else. It started to get weird and cultish - people were to emotionally connected to their cars.

We bought a 2002 AWD Volvo station wagon for 7k and it's a trooper.

Eden, most auto repair shops will give a free estimate unless there are some extraordinary circumstances. Dealers really can be expensive so a local or alternative shop is probably a good idea.
Okay I will try to find someone other than the dealer as well. Last time I had to have my Air Conditioner repaired the 3rd party cost $150 more than getting it done at the Dealer's...

Originally Posted by Svynx View Post
Coming from a subaru owner, I'd first check tires (tread, balance, alignment), then go to brakes (rotors, pads). Then check the wheel bearing. The mechanic only has to remove the hub and axle (very easily done...took mine off in about 15 minutes). The CV joints can be checked at that point as well.

You said your parent replaced the tires and rotated them at some point. Did they get all 4? These cars require buying all 4 at the same time. I know for my subaru I have to have less than 3/32" difference in tread from tire to tire otherwise it wears down on the 3 (yes three) differentials.

Also keep in mind that these cars are naturally louder.

And, as Kwangtzu said, there are a lot of forums out there strictly for your car. Look up "". That is a very common one that has a lot of good information on it.
I know they got all four rotated, but not sure about buying 4 NEW wheels... knowing them they could have just bought one or two new tires.

I had all four brakes plus some sort of belt changed late 2009 or early 2010 due to the BRAKE light lighting up when I was driving one very snowy day. But ever since they changed it, I always thought my wheels/brakes were a little..... off, to me at least.

Originally Posted by mattycakesclark View Post
Call Car Talk. They are great help lol
Umm lol o.o strange website
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