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Maybe gear broken in the gear box, explains the sound when you go over 35mph, second, check your belts! maybe your ac pump or alternator came loose...?

Oil was low in car, no red light came on?... for a 2003 car almost impossible,(or if the red light does not work, but you should have seen this when you put the key in the contact!) same for low in cooling fluid, your temp gauge should have told u that the car was overheating!!

If you would have a more ticking sound, its possible that your valves are bent from overheating when you were low in oil and cooling Fluid.

bring ur car in for maintainance asap!! go to a cheap one , they will know!

Also ask for alignment of your wheels, the one they put the sensors on the car, comp will tell how much the wheels are off of the scale (cost between $20 and $100)
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