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Originally Posted by kwangtzu View Post
Subarus have strong car clubs. This one is in Colorado: This one is national, but someone on there live in your area:

If you don't check your oil, I'm guessing you aren't going to jack up your car and check for bearing wear or a loose fan, but one of the people in the club might be able to tell you where to best get your car worked on and might even be willing to take a look at it for you. Looks like their next meeting is on the 4th, if you show up with your car, you could get better advise than any of us can give you.
Okay well, my mom scheduled to have me bring it to the Subaru Dealer on the 4th so I'm kinda outta luck. I'll keep those in mind next time when this car has a problem, which will probably be in a few month after this gets fixed. Thanks!!

Originally Posted by boringname View Post
If that other guy is right about the CV boot than maybe your mom's fears are well grounded. A leaking CV boot can cause one tire to slowly stop turning causing the car to veer to that side. But checking CV boots is easy and I think its part of a standard oil change. Or at least its checked during a tune up. When you get your oil change don't skimp by going to places that just change the oil, make sure you get the standard list of checks done.
Yea, sometime ago the new reported on an fatal accident regarding someone was driving on the highway, their wheel flew out and killed someone driving on the opposite side of the traffic.

I know for sure Oil Can Henry doesn't just change the oil when they do the change. They are always doing something UNDER the car, what exactly I don't know... o_O

Originally Posted by jreich View Post
+1 for the cv boot, but it may be something very simple like the inside of the wheel well is rubbing on the tire. there is a piece of plastic that kind of snaps into the wheel well, make sure that is secure and not flopping around. i have had that before...
or if it sounds more like a rattleing noise it may be something like a heat shield is loose, both of these issues are very easy to fix, so it may not be as bad as you think it is.
No not a rattling, definitely a humming weird helicopter-like sound, wom wom wom wom.
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