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Originally Posted by Eden Marel View Post
Yeah, it's been going on for at least 4 months now, hopefully isn't gonna blow up anytime soon.

Well now I told this all to my mom and she doesn't want me to drive the car, cuz she is afraid the tires might fly out and kill someone just like what happened to someone on the news. I filled out the form to see the service techs at the Dealer's, but my mom is gonna call them tomorrow and try to get me in ASAP.
If that other guy is right about the CV boot than maybe your mom's fears are well grounded. A leaking CV boot can cause one tire to slowly stop turning causing the car to veer to that side. But checking CV boots is easy and I think its part of a standard oil change. Or at least its checked during a tune up. When you get your oil change don't skimp by going to places that just change the oil, make sure you get the standard list of checks done.
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