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Originally Posted by Joe.1 View Post
Check your tread on your tires. If there is uneven wear, then your alignment/balance is off. If your engine has been making that noise, it would've blown up by now.
Okay I will tomorrow morning. I actually think my problem has to due with my WHEELS. I've always felt that way... ever since I got my brakes change, I felt my Wheels were a little strange, but it took several months after the brake change for the really annoying loud humming sound to start.

I always thought I felt my wheels slid or wobble ever so slightly during certain times, but I thought it was just me. Then also when I drive on the ice and slide (since my car doesn't stop very well on snow/ice) my car doesn't slide to a stop straight even though I have the steering stright, it always stops at an slight angle like this: /
But that could be just because of the ice.

Wow, I hope my engine doesn't blow up any time soon...
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