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Originally Posted by Noahma View Post
Sounds to me to be a front end problem. Maybe a warped rotor etc. for the form, I would just state what you stated here, that it makes a whoping sound when increasing speed, that way they check the whole system
Okay, I will write that. Now my mom wants me to go shopping for a place that will fix the problem for the cheapest... wow I'm tired can't we just get it fixed at the dealer's jeeeeeeeez.

Originally Posted by boringname View Post
There should be both an oil pressure gauge and a low engine oil warning light to tell you when you need oil.

If the engine has a crack in the engine block preventing it from holding oil for very long than most people would consider the engine beyond repair. Fixing cracked engine blocks isn't practical.

Driving a car without enough oil in it for very long will kill it.
Ohh okay, well the light never lit up back then. The Oil Can Henry dude said it was below the stick so either I was driving without oil or I have barely any left. So we did an Engine Flush or something like that cuz he said that whatever I have left is probably some hard sticky useless junk.
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