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Nokturnalkid's 30 gal 56k

Well, I guess it's about time to start one of these. Long story short, vacation+running out of co2=algae. Next step is to nuke the tank and start over. All livestock is in a 20 gal tub waiting to see if I really want them in this scape. Btw, don't mind the monkey's(you will see what I mean), this tank is in my 1 yr old son's room. It's turning into his play room and mine at the same time. Lol. Future updates will include a black background and hopefully a backlighting system. Yadda yadda yadda. Here's all the specs you guys have been waiting for...
  • Tank: Standard 30 gal, 36"x12"x16"
  • Ferts: EI daily with diy tpn aka the good sh*t
  • Filtration: Rena xp3 and Koralia 1
  • Lights: Hagen Glo 2x39w with 1x midday and 1x aquaflora
  • Co2: Pressurized diffused via reactor
  • Substrate: 3m colorquartz
  • Hardscape: Lava rock(?) and manzanita
  • Fauna: otos, pond snails(lol), and rcs for now. Debating on a rummynose and harlequin espei mix or a cardinal tetra and hatchetfish mix
  • Flora: as of right now: rotala green, rotala wallachii, ludwigia brevipes, crypt wendtii tropica, blyxa joponica, rotala colorata, rotala nanshjean, pogostemon yatabeanus, java fern 'windelov', and dhg 'belem'

Now for some money shots although all this eye candy has been taken from a cell phone...

diy emt light bar and pulley system, full adjustability from 1" above the tank to about 14" above the tank.


here it is waiting sparsely planted waiting for more plants

added more plants, don't mind all the floating things because it's not wc day yet

more close-up eye candy
left side


right side

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