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Hey Lasutaku,

I think your right, I don't think what I'm seeing is from nitrogen deficiency. I'm pretty sure now that the browning is from diatoms. when I look closely at the leaves, it looks like a brown topical dusting. So I'm gonna pick up an otto next week. There is, though, a definite need for nitrate in the tank now, which makes sense that it is currently inhabitant-less. After dosing yesterday, this morning I did notice a lot of new roots shooting through the substrate on the side of the tank. I don't think it's directly related to the dosing the day before, but I take it as a good sign. I remeasured the levels this morning and my nitrates were at zero. Increased them to 20ppm today and will measure it again. The HC that I propagated and replanted where the glosso was is lookin good. Diggin the tank.

best, el g
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