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Ok, heres a verdict on the difference between the plant growth bulbs from pet supply liquidators and the 9325k GE bulbs that came with my all-glass fixture. I bought 5 bulbs from Pet supply liquidators because they had a sale 5 for $60. I installed 4 of them over my tank, they seemed a little dim but I figured the PAR was supposedly high so left them for a week. Heres what happened, the tank stopped pearling completely but I figured I'll wait it out since I had just finished doing a major replanting. So, today I get home and figured, let me see what happens with 2 plant growth bulbs and the 9325K GE bulbs. Wow :shock: what a difference. Almost immediately the plants started to pearl and the tank just looks better. Not only that, but the 9325s are a year old! No matter what combination of bulbs I use, when they're combined with the 9325s the tank pearls, otherwise nothing happens.

In conclusion, the 9325ks are the best damn 55watt PC bulb for growing plants. I've mixed them with 6500 Ks from AH supply and again the difference is phenomenal. IMO the 9325s are head and shoulders above anything else I've tried so far. If anyone has a one of those Dulux bulbs and they'd like to trade for something, let me know, I'd like to give those a shot.



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