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Originally Posted by Payara View Post
One weekend I was gone from Friday and came back early morning Monday. Over 2 to 3" evaporated and the filter was shooting the water out of the tank. I came in just in time to correct the problem, otherwise, I would had a tank with no water. I just didn't want that happening, granted I am using a smaller filter than previously. I guess it's a safe measure, let's me sleep easier at night.
Not sure I follow. If properly set up why would evaporation cause water to be sprayed out of the tank?

From what I've heard about ATO's I'd be more concerned about them flooding your house. Not that they can't be done right, but it's more complicated to set up correctly than a power filter.

Got a 2 Microsynodontis sp. & 1 small Marbled Cameroon shrimp - all are in QT

Posting pics soon.

-Koshy George
Awesome! Synodontis are one of my favorites and I didn't know there was a smaller species of them. How big do they get?

I googled "Marbled Cameroon shrimp" and came up with nothing. Any links?

Good luck with the tank!
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