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Originally Posted by greenisgood View Post
BTW - I got lucky and the Rubbermaid bins never split and burst on me, but I was nervous toward the end about this. They definitely aren't designed to hold water in this manner! The plastic drawers with casing are much more suited, although smaller. HA!

Is the plastic drawer the one in the middle with the HOB filter? What's the casing you're speaking of?

I assume these are some of those plastic storage chests, but I was wondering if by casing you meant the frame or something you improvised for sturdiness.

Did you have any concern about the plastics and what they're treated with? I saw mention of there being a chemical they use to keep them flexible that may be harmful to fish.

You had some bulkheads there, what kind of central system were you running?

Thanks for sharing the pics and info, as someone said it's inspiring to others. I know it's giving me some motivation.
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