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Originally Posted by senoufo View Post
i must be old or the coffee didn't take...what's SMD?

If SMD means the MR16s with embedded LEDs, it may give off a bit better light but the spread is still poor ( corners are dark, and the spectrum is not what i was looking for ), also they are very close to the water and i never trusted 2 pins to hold up this light for a very long time.

the build was $120 ish, and took about 48 hours from start to finish. It was fun as i wanted to keep it as stock as possible, and wanted the proper light spectrum for reefing, so 3 watt crees was considered due to lots of reefers using those and having success with different types of coral.

thanks btw :-)
Surface mount device, it's those low profile square LEDs. I googled 3 watt crees and I think we might be talking about the same thing, lol. SMDs generally have a much wider view angle than LEDs.

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