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LOL... Yeah, I always say it isn't sporting just to go out and BUY something, or to use it for its intended purpose... no lateral thinking involved there, so it's boring, to me. In the end, I love to create, I love to build, and there's nothing so fun to work with as living things, to build new things, and set up "worlds."

Black Tigers are a perfect example. To me, once you get to all black, and, say, all dark black, it's boring. Where is there to go? What is the interest?

To me, the jackpot is in the T-rex's. What could you do with the patterns? What could you create, starting with this as a foundation? ...Changing the stripe colors, or the body colors, or breeding toward broken stripes or irregular dots... The kaleidoscope of possibilities in them fascinates me. Each one is unique, so you can get to know them, when you watch them.

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