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Originally Posted by greenisgood View Post
I keep different mosses. I don't really keep track of berried females; it's like trying to watch the pot boil...

Depends on my water, and its reliability. I would never use designer substrate, though. It fatigues over time and when you finally realize it's fatigued, you are stuck needing to re-do an entire tank at the mercy of its timing. With an RO unit, you change your filters, but you can control that, and it doesn't distrupt your entire tank to do, to make appropriate water. Plus, you don't have to shell over too much money, AGAIN, for designer substrate.

Mostly I hang around TPT, but I do occasionally put stuff on AB (ID = photosyner), to keep my feedback refreshed. The exotic stuff will first go up on AB, to help me recoup some of the horrifying up front expenses I've had to spend to get into some of these new varieties. I do not feel comfortable asking sky high prices for stuff, so when it's new I let the market decide on AB. When I have production up enough, I move over here and try to spread stuff into the hobby affordably.

Pic of a lid, below. I used a hole saw to drill a hole, then ordered buna-n grommets and plugs from Grainger.

Picture of some Black Tigers snackin' down in their "cave," while the boyfriends dance in the foreground... somebody just molted and is gonna be packing eggs, soon... whoo hoo! I just took these pics...

Picture of a coo-el Blue Tiger T-Rex baby.
Thanks so much for your help.

Also, your philosophy and approach mirrors mine. It's good to see people operating in a reasonable and professional manner. Can't wait until you have some to sell.
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