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Awesome, thanks for all the input everyone. I'm definitely gonna tackle this in the next couple months. I think I'll imitate the Farm Fountain system, just on a smaller scale. (See picture below)

I'll combine my 10 Gallon tank and probably 3 2liters stacked vertically.
From what I've read 10 Gallons can support 1 square foot of gardening space, and I think the 2 liters would get me close to that. Do you think an Eheim classic would have the power to pump water up to the top of the stack of 2 liters, or would it totally loose its vacuum?

Seems like leafy greens and herbs are the best bet. Root crops and fruiting plants (tomatoes, peppers, etc) are pretty tough in a hydroponic system long term, though it can be a good way to get your summer veggies started.

I've come across some pretty good resources if anyone else is interested in tackling something similar.

Still open to thoughts and suggestions.
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