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Originally Posted by gBOYsc2 View Post
I know you didn't ask but I thought I would share my thoughts and opinions on it. Isn't that what this forum is for? Topoffs would have to be the easiest part of maintenance. Also if you topped off on friday and came back on monday you probably wouldnt have more then an inch of evaporation.

Are you planning on using CO2 at all?

And I would remove the little clay cave thing unless you can hide it with moss or plants. It looks very un natural.
I apologize for being rude. YouR last post rubbed me the wrong way. The reason I wanted a ATO is previously when I had a 9 gallon tank, before it cracked, I used the same lighting but used a 2213 for filtration. One weekend I was gone from Friday and came back early morning Monday. Over 2 to 3" evaporated and the filter was shooting the water out of the tank. I came in just in time to correct the problem, otherwise, I would had a tank with no water. I just didn't want that happening, granted I am using a smaller filter than previously. I guess it's a safe measure, let's me sleep easier at night.

I was not planning on using CO2. I wasn't planning on using such demanding plants. Why? You think I need CO2? Frequent water changes (2-3 a week) and supplement Excel was the plan. The clay pot is hidden under rocks and sand now. Can't see it at all. I'll post update pics after the bubbles and water clear up. Once again I'm sorry for snapping at you bro.

-Koshy G.

Originally Posted by F22 View Post
tell ya the truth dude, I dunno if that auto top really needed I am running 2 4g nanos both with eheim 2211s, and open top with LED, I only add water about twice a week and its usually only about 8-12oz I keep a gallon jug of water next to the stand and its pretty easy. I think if you top off before the weekend you will be fine, but thats just my opinion.
Thanks for the thought bro. Before I buy the ATO I'm gonna run a trail and see how much evaporation occurs during the weekend. Like I said earlier it's just for safe measure.

Originally Posted by trackhazard View Post
My wife uses a Tunza osmolator for top off. She hasn't had any problems with it.

I've also seen people using gravity feed top offs for small tanks. You might want to do a search.

You may also be able to get away with something diy with a float switch and a toms micro-lifter for a small tank.

Also, vesicularia and microsorum are not proper plants for african biotope as they are from SE asia. has a list of commonly used african plants if you want to be accurate to at least the continent.

Addendum: Didn't realize the size of tank. Might be a little tight for kribs. If your male and female decide to not hit it off, there might be trouble. Make sure you keep an eye on them.

If you are not overly tied to a planted tank, a mated pair of Tanganyika Shell dwellers might be more suitable for that tank. You can make an interesting hardscape, throw in a couple shells and they should be fine.

Thank you for the link Charlie...very helpful. I'll be removing the Java fern as soon as I get enough Anubias. I was hoping to get some paired off kribs. In my old tank, a 9 gallon, i had a pair who mated and were guarding eggs, the male never harassed the female. The paired off naturally and I guess they had a strong bond. I was hoping I could get a pair who formed naturally in a large group. I might just do African killies instead. I'm having a hard time finding Nigerian reds.


Filled the tank.
Filter up and running.
Got a 2 Microsynodontis sp. & 1 small Marbled Cameroon shrimp - all are in QT

Posting pics soon.

-Koshy George
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