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My fiance went there with a co-worker. He works for GM in the Quality department, and was disappointed with the cars GM used for display. They were just random cars, taken off the line without any real prep besides a good polishing. They all had the minor defects that his job is supposed to correct (some of the people he works with are really lazy and let almost everything slide because it's too much work to get it corrected). You would think they would put a little effort into picking more "perfect" cars to use as an example of the workmanship they put out. The only one that showed quality was the Cadillac, and they have a whole team designated for building that car.

He also ticked off a couple of the models that were describing the car, because they kept getting in his way when he was taking pictures. He was like "I didn't go to take pictures of women and make my pregnant fiance mad! I want to take a picture of this beautiful work of art and you're in the way." What he was really thinking, I have no idea (I don't want to know), but at least his words were in the right place.

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