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Originally Posted by CLASSIC View Post
WOW! Beautiful setup. I love the amount of shapes and textures! I love black backgrounds but this one seems to hide the detail in hardscape. But even with the black back ground it is amazing. I am so jealous, why cant i achieve awesomeness like this!! Congrats.

EDIT< I came back to take a second look and forgot to add how impresive it is to see such a clean tank that has stems and slow growers like that nana?< anyhow, jeeeez no algae at all that i can see. Lastly would you mind posting the specs? including light and schedule? ty,
Yes, the black background tends to do that. I need some more light to try and seperate it from the background. I was in a rush to shoot this tank and get it in under the deadline.

Lighting is a TEK 4X39 for about 7-8hrs, I usually only run 2 bulbs. 4 after a trim or if I want something to fill in faster.

Originally Posted by Dave-H View Post
The little blobs of pellia on the branches are amazing. I have some branches that jut up like that so I'd love to try something similar. How are they attached? What kind of lighting do they get?
Very nice!
Thats mini pellia, just spread it thin on the branches and wrap with some cotton thread.
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