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Added 1 Cardinal Japonica today that I got from Pacific Aquarium on Delancey Street, and purchased a Burkert Brass Solenoid Valve Type 6011 from

Learned today that I can shutoff my CO2 by 7:45p and it will continue to diffuse into the aquarium steadily until 10:30p at roughly 1.5 bps because of the pressure still in the line. Now I just have to time it with my photoperiod to ensure proper co2 efficiency and control before I add fish in the next week or two.

My nitrites have been at 0ppm for the past three days. The past week or two, I was experiencing nitrite spikes from 2.5 to 5ppm. Now they are gone. I am still not decided on whether or not the extra addition of clear super during the last huge water change is having anything to do with that. I've started changing the water every other day now, but not at 50%. I'm removing roughly 1/3 of it now (basically, as much as I can remove before it reaches the nano intake. Still loving my DIY drop checker.

Today I pulled all of the glosso from the back corner and added a little more aquasoil powder type to fill in the small depression in the substrate. I planted more HC that I propagated in the section where the glosso was. I really liked the plant, but I knew it was going to really set in and dominate. Some of the roots were over five inches after 3.5 weeks (hard to believe it's already been that long). But I'm very happy with the rock setup and think that the HC alone will compliment the overall impression of the rocks.

Maybe I'll make a glosso wabi kusa with the chunk I pulled out.

Any tips on trimming the HC. It's starting to grow low and over itself. Should I aggressively give it a buzz cut to get thicker growth or should I just let it grow wild for a week before I take the scissors to it. Any thoughts?

Thanks for Looking,

El G

ps I just dig this
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