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Originally Posted by alan7 View Post
that is a beautiful tank how many discus do you have in there and is there any other fish/shrimp with them ?
Thank you!

I started out with two like you see in the pictures. About 3 weeks later I added 3 more.

EDIT: Forgot to answer the rest of your question.

Yes I did have 5 Amano shrimp to start the tank off with but soon after the Discus arrived they became lunch lol. I also have 2 SAE and 2 Sterba's Cory cats running around in there. I really wanted more Cory's but the LFS I got them at only had 2 good sized ones and the rest looked really juvenile. I plan on getting 2-4 more as soon as I can find them.

Originally Posted by VadimShevchuk View Post
That is a really good looking 55 gallon. Why didn't you add a black background?

I actually thought it would look OK with out one.. Really starting to regret the fact that I didn't put one up just to see how it looks.

Also when I first started I didn't think I was going to use the ledge in the back of the tank to store stuff and thought after the plants grew in it would cover the back anyways.

I also have several suction cups attached to the back of the tank and didn't think they would stick that well to a background.

Originally Posted by Jonno View Post
I have a 55 and im quite jealous! This tank is great! what are your running time for the lights and what bulbs do you have?
I run the lights for 8 hours. 11am-7pm.

Both lights are from Zoo Med. One is an Ultra*Sun 6500K and the other is a Flora*Sun 5000K

Originally Posted by tunerz View Post
What are you fertilizing and how much?
I fertilize using the EI method for my size tank..

I do use a little less KNO3. After about a week of dosing the 1/2 tsp I was getting readings of over 50-60 ppm.

I think this may have been from the AquaSoil though?
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