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I've been looking at anubias, and it does look like a great plant for this aquarium. I'm thinking about making a carpet of fissidens fontanus, and putting some anubias on one of the shelves that are sticking out of the wall. But I think something growing on the very top of the wall that could sort of drift down into the tank would look very good. So what kind of plant would have a drifting vine effect, which can tolerate very high light? (the top of the wall is about 3 inches from the hood light)
I'm tossing around the idea of putting in some driftwood, or instead some longer somewhat pointy rocks, sticking up out of the substrate, almost like a "cliffs of doom" out of the princess bride movie. As far as the driftwood goes, I could only use very small pieces, maybe get some manzanita branches, because the wall sits about 2 inches away from the back of the tank (for the HOB filter and heater to have room) plus it's another 2 inches thick, I only have about 8 inches from the front of the wall to the glass.
I assume it won't hurt my fish to replace the substrate then? Since nobody has commented on it... Also, are anubias and ferns my only options here? I think I need something a little taller to help tie everything together...
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