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55 Gallon Discus Project

Hello everyone!

I started this tank back on 11/1/2010 and finally have time to start a journal.

There has been a lot of changes since I first setup the tank and will post all pics and info from the beginning and then from this point on.

I have had great success in the first month/month half then started getting a large algae outbreak on all my plants. Not knowing exactly what the problem was I tried several things to narrow what the main cause might have been.

The tank it self is as follows:

-55 gallon tank (48" x 13" x 21")
-Stand from walmart for 55 gal tank (had this for years and used it for my previous tank about 5+ years ago)
-Primo CO2 System from GLA (5 and 10 lb tank for when one runs out)
-Eheim Pro 2 Series 2026
-Jager 200 watt heater
-Hydor Koralia nano water pump
-Aqua Soil Amazonia II (3X 9 liter bags) bottom layer, Aqua Soil Amazonia II Powder Type (2X 3 liters) top layer.
-ADA drop checker
-ADA glass diffuser
-Sundial T5HO 48" (running only 2 of the 4 T5HO bulbs)


-Dwarf Hairgrass (Eleocharis acicularis)
-Rotala 'nanjenshan'
-Ludwigia Peruensis
-Heteranthera Stargrass (Heteranthera zosterfolia)
-Green Temple Narrow (Hygro Corombosa)
-Glossostigma (Glossostigma elatinoides)

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