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did a little bit of a rescape today. the glosso and the hc are growing so well. Felt a little trepidation when I stirred up the aquasoil, but I wasn't satisfied with my original rock arrangement so I made a sacrifice. a strand of glosso came loose and the roots were over two inches long. pretty wild. so I rescaped and did a fulll water change. If any of you have followed my edge thread, you can see there how often I move things around. But I think I have made a step in the right direction. I added some more height and depth to the aquascape by manipulating the larger rock. I added a little aquasoil powder to connect the new arrangement and just a little bit of clear super. Got a little nervous moving the rocks after spending so much time before on the original arrangement. But I think that was my issue. I thought about it too much. So this time I just let it rip and didn't spend more than 5 minutes on it. I'm not gonna mess with the main rock arrangement anymore. I'm gonna let the plants grow and add the fish in a week or two. I think it's going to look pretty cool once the white clouds move in. I may add some cherry shrimp just for good measure too. I'll post some photos once the water clears again.

Best, el g
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