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[Relapse] Mr-Aqua 30c Rimless Cube w/ LED

Most recent FTS:

07 May 2011

30 Apr 2011

Decided to go in a new direction with rocks... I am planning on UG in the front and DHG in the back.

14 Feb 2011

30 Jan 2011

The inspiration for this tank is after the many downfalls of my last couple tanks... keep it easy.

I went for a low tech tank that would offer up a great display as well. I liked the concept of having a tank that centered around the minimalist idea of the driftwood being the focus. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible with 1 type of plant (Annubias).

The sand is about 4-5mm and good enough to not let detritus build up on top. I choose a Zoomed 501 filter to keep a small current, enough to keep the water moving and keep the fish/shrimp happy. The heater is submersible 100W and the light is a LED 90 optics 7000k. Last is the decoration my roommate got. Although its not what I was hoping for I will keep it just to keep her happy.

The fish will include 5-10 Cardinals and maybe a clean up crew of Coreys.

Messed with the wood a bit and settled on a variation of this layout.

Next built an ADA style stand with a DIY wire for the light fixture and light bar.

Filled with water.

Picture of the light.

And then the plants.

Wood is being boiled as we speak (12 hours+) and will be added tonight.

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