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From what I have read and see, the AirWick Freshmatic takes 2 Alkaline AA batteries in Series. Here is a description of series vs parallel:

Each AA (Alkaline) is 1.5 volts, so 2 in parallel is 3.0 volts
Each AA (Alkaline) is 27002900 mAh or 2.7 - 2.9 Amps, and in parallel this remains the same.
At 2700 mAh the batteries can provide 2.7 Amps over 1 hour before they die, and we know that the motor lasts more than an hour because the packaging says "lasts up to 60 days"

The AC adapter i picked up is 3 - 12 volts, so i'll set it at 3 volts to emulate 2 AA batteries. It's also 600 mA, and i can't really change that, but lesser adapters are only 500 mA, so i think my current will be more than fine.
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