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Perfectly Accurate South AmerAfricAsian Biotope! *(Updated Pics 4/10-First Page)*

Someone gave me the idea to just post my updated pic at the beginning. So this is it. I'll have some new ones soon as the sword growth is FAST!

First, I want to say hello to everyone as well as thank you to those who have posted all of the invaluable information that I've been cramming into my tired, swollen brain!! I think back to when we had just the library for information!!

Anyhow, this project started over one year ago when my brother-in-law "screwed" me. He gave me a 45 gallon tank, oak stand, canister filter, and 250 watt heater for FREE!! After agonizing for a few months over what I wanted to do with it, it hit me...I need a new tank, stand, filter and heater! Through searching and researching I've pieced together what's below. I have a plan and I'm trying to work it.

I'm looking for any and all input!

My South AmerAfricAsian Biotope

Equipment List
Oceanic Rimless 57 Gallon "breeder" 36x18x21
Aqueon Stand with a 6" raiser
Catalina Aquariums 36" 4 bulb custom fixture (Set up to allow 1,2,3,or all 4 lights on)
-will be adding LED blue strip to it for neato-nightime effect!
Sunsun canister filter-370gph with UV light
300watt Hydor In-line Heater
GreenLeaf GLA Co2 regulator
65mm Atomic Diffuser
10# Co2 tank

3x big bags of Amazonia AS I
Manzanita branches and roots (too many to fit in tank!)
"Emerald Bay Boulder" Rock from local rockery
-Still not sure I can use it. Any Geologists who can help?

Planned Flora
Lots of Vallisneria Spiralis and Nana *Maybe Cyperus Helferi- Asian, but looks similar and grows slower*
Several Swords of medium to large size
Lots of Micro Swords for the patchy, grassy effect.
*maybe* Anubias Nana on manzanita
*maybe* Java Fern on manzanita
*maybe* Fissidens Fontanus or Riccia Fluitans on Manzanita
Some other South American native plants...

Planned Fauna
2-4 German Blue Rams (few months post-maturity)
15-20 Cardinal Tetras/ Neon Tetras
1 Neon Dwarf Gourami (currently in small tank)
10 Algae Shrimp/Amanos?
*maybe* several Galaxy Rasboras
*maybe* a few Endlers LB's

Currently, I'm waiting on few last bits and pieces from Orlando @ Green Leaf and then it's build time!

I'll post some pics of what I have and what I've done. I don't have any pics of my lamp set up from Catalina but I'll get a few.

Tank, Stand on riser, and Manza for effect.

The Riser

You get the idea

More to come...
Thanks for reading!

My South AmerAfricAsian Biotope!
6g Eclipse "Left Overs"-CRS & RCS
Sunsun Pimp # 43

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