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Can anyone recommend a nice camera that allows you to focus the picture that doesn't cost $500? I need one because this phone is not really working out here. Pics regardless tho, there's a bunch!
Here'e a nice shot of most of the CRS acclimating, definitely a good look at the berried girl, and a good size comparison of the shrimp ^^

Some of them are so little! I got 12 in all and so far everyone is doing fine

This is where I wish I had a better camera I have 2 adult CRS, one male one berried female, here's the male, really wish i could get a better shot here :/

And here's the female munching down and aerating her eggs, plus some others if you can spot them!

I swear this oto loves the camera

And a saddled Cherry! Would look nice if it wasn't so blurry!

And thats it for now! Off to hunt for a new camera, comments welcome! ^^
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